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Tour and Booking Information

  • Closed days

    Jan 1, Every Monday (except if Monday is a public holiday, then the immediately following working day), any Holiday designated by the Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City
  • Tour and Ticketing Hours

    Visiting Hour: 09:00~18:00
    Ticketing Hours:09:00~17:00 (1hour before closing time)
  • Admission Fee

    Permanent exhibition gallerie are free of charge. some special exhibitions may carry a charge.
  • Self-planned Temporary exhibitions Free admission

    ⓐ The following cases will received free admission.
    ⓑ Guests of State, Diplomatic officials and their entourage.
    ⓒ National Persons of merit according to "Act on the Honorable Treatment and Support of Persons, etc. of Distinguished Services to the State" and their surviving family members.
    ⓓ Patriots of independence recognized by "Act on the honorable treatment and support of patriots of distinguished service to national independence" and their surviving family members.
    ⓔ Registered disabled person according to "Welfare of Disabled Persons Act" and one additional accompanying person.
    ⓕ Registered War veterans in accordance with "Honorable Treatment and Support of War Veterans Act" and their surviving family members.
    ⓖ Donors of relics and their family members.
    ⓗ People over 65 year of age.
    ⓘ Poeple in possession of Ulsan Sarang Cards issued to families with more than 3 children.
    ⓙ Teaching staff or tour guides leading group tours
    ⓚ Recipient in accordance with Clause 5 of National Basic Living Security Legislation.
    ⓛ Officers executing public duties
    ⓜ People acknowleged necessary for the operation of the museum by the Mayor
  • Booking information

    Book group tours of permanent exhibition
    - Advance bookings are necessary for groups of more than 20 people including, school students.
    Bookings for special exhibition group tours
    - Advance bookings for special exhibitions are necessary for groups of more than 20 people.
    - Bookings for Children`s Museum.
    - Entrance into Children`s Museum is limited to elementary school students or younger and their accompanying families.
    - For pleasant tour, advance booking is necessary.

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