Museum Introduction

You can experience Past, and Future of Ulsan at the Ulsan Museum


We would like to sincerely welcome you who have visited Ulsan Museum website.

Ulsan Museum, the long cherished dream of Ulsan citizens, finally opened its door on 22 June, 2011.

At Ulsan Museum, we have History Gallery, which exhibits history and culture of Ulsan from prehistory to modern times, and Industrial Gallery, which introduces various industries of Ulsan the Children's Museum, is the place where our children can learn history and the industries of Ulsan through experience.


Whilst the existing city museum only exhibits history & culture of a limited period,
Ulsan museum will be a comprehensive urban history museum, recapturing the city's history from prehistoric to modern times. But this is only the beginning. To become a museum which is loved by the people requires our passion and efforts, as well as experiences filled with the love and criticism of the people Continuous R&D will be show at this website to provide more fruitful and valuable results of Museum. Ulsan Museum will do everything to make our museum, the best. We humbly ask for your interest and participation to allow Ulsan Museum to be the place for the citizen by the citizen.

Director Sang-Mog Lee

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