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Venue Hire

Museum Venues can be hired for exhibitions,

performances and ohter cultural purposes culture and arts.

Hire Fees(Unit: Won)
Hire Fees
Classification Area Duration Amount Amount
Ulsan Museum Temporary Exhibition Gallery Ⅰ 437㎡ 1 day 100,000 -
Temporary Exhibition Gallery Ⅱ 421㎡ 1 day 100,000 -
Auditorium 443㎡ 1 time (4hours) 50,000 230seats
Seminar Room Ⅰ 42㎡ 1 time (4hours) 15,000 24seats
Seminar Room Ⅱ 86㎡ 1 time (4hours) 30,000 36seats
Air conditioning cost (Unit: Won)
Air conditioning cost
Classification Duration Amount
Cooling 1m²/1 Hour 30
Heating 1m²/1 Hour 40
  • More Information about venue hire

    - Application Period: Any time and 2 months before intended date of hire
    - Application Method: Visit, Mails and Fax
    - Necessary documents: Approval application form download at Museum Website
    - Hire Fee Payment: 40days before the date of hire. For unavoidable reasons, accepted by the Mayor, the payment can be postponed until the day before the hire.
    - Possible applicants: Exhibitions, performancesand other cultural purposes to the advancement of culture and arts

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