Museum Introduction

You can experience Past, and Future of Ulsan at the Ulsan Museum


Museum Logo

Symbolic Mark

It is designed to express the construction design concept and configuration, which embrace Ulsan as a cradle to history & culture and as a leading industrial city, which has been functioning as Korea's powerhouse.

Color System


Turquoise blue and dark brown represent two monumental values, being a cradle place to history & culture and an industrial backbone. By selecting turquoise blue, also used on the symbol of Ulsan metropolitan city, we tried to show the connection and to express its position as the representative museum of the city. Overall deep tone colors are to convey majestic and graceful aroma of the museum.
Ulsan Museum Emcrald
DIC 217s
C96, M13, Y47, K0
Turquoise blue
Meaning: Signifies Taewha river and East Sea, serving as a lifeline to Ulsan's culture and industries but at the same time also symbolizes Ulsan's prosperity and development as the city will be taking a great leap into the future.
Ulsan Museum Scpia
DIC 341s
D52, M75, Y100, K0
Dark Brown
Meaning: Reflecting its value as the historical site to prehistoric and ancient cultures and to symbolize Ulsan's historic importance as the foothold city to these cultures.
Signature language combination
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