Museum Introduction

You can experience Past, and Future of Ulsan at the Ulsan Museum

Organization Structure and Operations

Organization Chart

Director of Ulsan Museum
Kwang-Seop Shin
  • Strategy and Operation
    • Managemen /Operation of Ulsan Museum
    • Supervision and guidance of subsidiary museums (Daegok and Petroglyph)
  • Children's Museum
    • Permanent Exhibition (History Gallery, Industrial History Gallery, and Children's Museum)
    • Special Exhibition
    • Museum Education
  • Inspection and management
    of relics
    • Exhibition plans and operation
    • Management, purchase and en-trust of relics
    • Operation and management of conservation rooms
    • State designated heritage related task
  • Petroglyph Museum
  • Daegok Museum

277 Doowang-Ro, Nam-Gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City.     Tel. 052)222.8501~3     Fax. 052)229-4708~9